ceramic vacuum filter

The SR Precision Ceramic Vacuum Filter is a highly efficient and energy-saving piece of equipment that combines mechanical and electrical machines, ceramic tubes with micro-holes, and ultrasound to separate solid and liquid waste through vacuum suction and capillary function.

The filter disks used in the ceramic filter serve as a highly effective filtering medium, allowing only water to pass through while trapping solids and gas. With a pore size ranging from 0.75 to 5 microns, our ceramic filter plates provide exceptional filtration performance, ensuring that your liquid waste is properly treated and processed.

Ceramic filter Plates

Looking for a reliable replacement part for your ceramic vacuum filter machine? Look no further than SR’s one-piece Ceramic Plates. Our unique design allows for seamless integration with most machines, making it an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade their existing equipment.

Our ceramic plates have been widely used in the dehydration of concentrated minerals, including gold, silver, nickel, and aluminum. Offering a high separation rate, exceptional separation precision, and efficient operation, our ceramic plates are a trusted choice for many in the industry.


Ceramic Scraper

SR ceramic scraper provides a longer lift span and higher efficiency because of the newly renovated design and manufacturing technology.